North Star Geography

  • 450 US dollars
  • Online

Course Description

In this year long class, we will be exploring all the aspects of geography from maps to culture to landforms. We will use our core text, videos, current geographical events, and geography stories to learn all we can. Also in class, I will introduce students to several geography related jobs. Finally, this class will be a combination of hands-on and lecture based. Students will create some STEM based projects, create maps, and learn other content during our once a week class meetings. View Sample Classes on YouTube link found on the Home page.

Cancellation Policy

For History classes, you are able to cancel any class for a 95% refund right up to the day before classes start. The other 10% covers all registration & student set up work. No refunds will be given after the classes have started. If scheduling a tutoring session, those sessions are refundable, if the cost of materials are paid for. Materials are purchased once 4 sessions are purchased. You will be refunded the cost up to $150. That pays for the materials purchased for your student.

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