Hello, I'm Mrs. Knieper

The first time I fell in love with history was visiting two historical locations in my home state of Michigan. Both are found across the bridge in the Upper Peninsula, The Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point and Fayette State Park. I walked the grounds and felt the people that once lived their or traveled the lakes and wanted to learn about their stories. 

I have been teaching since 1996 when I started substitute teaching in the schools near me. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s of Art in Education. My major was History and my minor was in English. I later attended Saginaw Valley State University to change my minor in English to a major. I taught in the classroom setting for just over 10 years before resigning to stay home with my two children and soon learned the third was on her way. I have taught some fantastic specialty classes, such as Criminal Justice, the Holocaust, Geography, and World Cultures.  I then went on to homeschool our kids from the start. I taught online classes before accepting a part-time middle school history teaching position at a local private school. Our kids were all wanting to try school, other circumstances warranted it, and God removed all other obstacles or objections. 

When our son was in the second grade reading was a huge struggle and by that summer, I knew he was a dyslexic learner. I have since learned the oldest two children have the greatest degree of dyslexia and our third does have some struggles. I am now a master in teaching our kids to read, spell, and memorize info in non-traditional ways. We have been a part of a homeschool co-op for five years where I taught geography, note-taking/study skills, science, and language arts classes. I have also taken several classes the past 10 years to maintain a valid teaching certificate. Finally, in my free time I enjoy reading, our country life of peace and quiet, helping my husband in our garden, vacationing around the country, spending any quality time with our four children now 15, 12, 11 and 7 years old, and all working together to expand our growing farm of land and animals.


Bachelor's Degree in Education

Aug 1993 - May 1998

I completed my Undergraduate studies at University of Michigan-Flint studying History and Literature. 

Homeschool Mom "Degree" 

Sept 2010 - Sept 2019

I began my study in homeschool education when our oldest started Kindergarten. Though we are not officially a homeschool anymore we are currently undecided what the fall of 2020 will bring. 


  • United States History

  • World History

  • Geography

  • Learning through Literature

  • Dyslexia Learning

  • Homeschool Solutions

  • Family First Decisions