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An online homeschool academy designed to meet your families history and dyslexia support needs.

A place where hidden histories are explored and bridging the truth of the past to the explorers of today. 


A place where we bridge the words on the page to the mind of a dyslexic learner. 

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What Do I Teach?

I am a Michigan Certified History and English teacher. I have been teaching public, homeschool, and private school students history and language arts for 21 years. 

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History education include classes for middle and high school students.  Adult classes are offered upon request with a minimum number of students.

Dyslexia Tutoring or Support Sessions 

I am a teacher, but a Mom of dyslexic learners first. The passion and knowledge I have gained on my journey with them is bursting to be shared with others. 


Geography classes are offered for middle and high school students.


All former students and parents please email me your reviews. A review that is shared with me and on social media with #HazeltonAcademy and tag me earns 10% off a future class purchase. 

She was one of the most influential teachers I had in high school. She was passionate about her job and cared about us. She demonstrated respect by treating us like young adults not children. She was always willing to take extra time to help us when we struggled."



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I am super excited to explore history with a new set of students. 


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